CNC export with centerpoint of a whole

Hi there,

has anyone an idea, if it is possible to export for cnc machine with the centerpoint of a circle?
The circle itself is not as important, as the cnc machine drills the whole with the proper tool…position is the key :wink:

if you right click on a circle, you can ask for the middle point.

it’ll give you a guide point. I’m pretty sure the guide point won’t export to whatever format you need, but you can simply… make your own target from there.

there are a few extensions devoted to circles out there, because the circles are segmented, and at times it can cause problem (circle intersection for example). maybe one has a tool that does exactly that, but at least know it’s feasible by hand.

What kind of marking does your CNC application expect to find there? How does it know what size hole to drill?

so it may be useful to make a dynamic component to have a centerpoint and I can give it the diameter I need…I tried the DWG/ SVG export in Opencutlist, a 3D component with wholes, marking the centerpoint, but no way :frowning: the point will not be exported…

By using OpenCutList extension to export parts components, you can export each part to DXF. And by activating the Smoothing option, circles (and ellipses) are detected and converted to true DXF circles.

So, the output DXF contains center + radius for all detected circles.

For example, this SketchUp component :

will be exported to this DXF :

PART.dxf (8,6 Ko)

And most DXF readers can now know where are circles centers.

I’m pretty sure your CNC software can recognize these circles in the DXF file.


Thanks Boris,

that works :wink:
And I also can just draw a cross, make it to a group and use it as a mark for the cnc to drill a hole…

With the right option it also gives me contours on my component…great


But I have anothor problem/ quest:
Opening the dxf in DWG viewer int gives me an error: “unknown codepage cnt ignored”,
may be no problem, because I can see the DWG. But in our CNC program it says “index outside array range” ("in german “index ausserhalb des array bereichs”) and I can`t open it.


Can you share this file ?

Or open it with ODA File Converter (it’s a free tool to download) to check if it can open it ?

The codepage error is probably irrelevant and relates to the language settings embedded in the file. If the file contains text, some characters might display wrong.

1 - Test.dxf (9.6 KB)
So this was a simple testfile.
As I wrote before, for me it was no problem to open e.g. in DWG TRUEVIEW.
It only gives an error as written before, but can be opened.
But on our CNC machine it will not open (“index ausserhalb des array bereichs”)…Software is Maestro for our cnc center…maybe we should ask our distributor for the solution…
I will try next week with the converter, but this would be not really best, as it takes time if you have more files/ drawings…

I still got problems exporting DXF or SVG.
This is how my component looks like:

A plane rectangle with cutouts, 8mm thickness.
And this is what i get:

Tried to change path and mode, also projection… and also smoothing or not…

nothing :frowning:
Any Idea?

Ha @mkluth70, can you share the SKP file ?

Else, path must be separated from faces geometry (in sub group for example). Edges that are detected as path are edges that are not associated with any face.