Point cloud visible in Trimble Connect for web?

Hey there sketchuppers,
Im using studio, and I really like the new feature of presenting the project state to my customers by trimble connect link. I really got good feedback since this is possible. I often use point clouds as base for my construction…

Is it possible for the customer to see the pointcloud in the trimble connect link too, like I am able to see them in my scenes in sketchup?

Another question.
I usually mak a clipping box in scan essentials and attach the clipped point cloud to a scene, with my new construktion work visible…
Is it possible to build a second clipping box with another section of the point cloud an attach this new view to another scene, so that in scene one is one part of the point cloud visible and in scene two the other part of the point cloud…

Yes and of course the this whole thing as link in trimble connect web viewer also visible for the customer?

Thanks very much.

You cannot see the point cloud in Trimble Connect.
You can have multiple clipping boxes, but scenes will not save which active box you want. It will save the visibility of the box itself, but not the clipping of the cloud. You will need to manually activate the clipping box at each scene.

One can view pointclouds in the browser along with other format files like SketchUp, but it involves a few steps, some of them might feel uncomfortable.

First, you need to download Trimble Connect for Desktop:


Once downloaded and installed, you need to adjust or add a hive in the registry, which might be the tricky part:
Open the register and go to this Hive:
Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Trimble\Trimble Connect\Settings

Restart the app again and look for the project, click on the (standard) View and than on the right on the cloud icon (=Pointclouds):


Once viewable, go back to the explorer in TC for Desktop and notice the creation of a standard folder called ’ Pointclouds’

Sync with the project by selecting that folder and press the sync button.

Depending on the upload speed, it may take a while…
Once uploaded, it will create a .potree file in the browser, which you than can view:
(adjest settings on the left)