Load a point cloud in Trimble Connect for web?

Is it possible to view in Trimble Connect for web environment a point cloud with a Sketchup model?

It should be:

Trimble Connect for Browser 3D Viewer User Guide - Viewing Point Clouds in 3D

But I just tried opening some and got a unsupported file format message (for .las). It shows point clouds in the saved views that I have (from desktop).

You can, but it’s a massive rigmarole.
You need to convert them via POTREE and host them externally to trimble conect.

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The same thing happens to me with the e57 file format as well.

Even if I load them from Trimble Connect for desktop, I can’t see them either.

I just tested Desktop and everything seems fine.

Added some views:

Opened (.las) PC:

Separate issue but I’ve not always been able to move models and PCs to get them aligned in TC (desktop).

It works for me too, but if I upload the point cloud to Trimble Connect web, it’s imposible to view it in the browser.

Hmm: Trimble Connect Knowledge Center - Trimble Inc.

I don’t know if the fooling around is worth it ;^). I like the desktop more. But there are other features that seem to be added to the Web version more often (objects in model are tags/layers, groups and components).

Totally agree. Potree doesn’t have mac version :disappointed: