Podium Renders Too Bright, even at Night!

Hi all,
I’ve been rendering tirelessly with seemingly all the different settings in order to have my model not look so washed out.

My building has a lot of windows and skylights, but even with an 11:00pm time setting, it looks like the surface of the sun is right inside my building. All light sources I’ve created I have removed, and I’ve toggled between turning Shadows on/off, using the Podium Physical Sky vs. Default, and using the exterior render presets, as I’m aware they are darker than interior ones.

Please see the render shots attached to see what a night renderings looks like from different scenes.

Thanks in advance everybody :slight_smile:



I want to keep this post up in case anyone runs into the same mistakes I made:

  1. Firstly, always “Analyze Model” (Extensions>>Podium>>Tools>>Analyze Model) when you run into any problem; this will give you a comprehensive status summary of what’s going on in your file. When I did this, I learned that in fact I had NOT deleted all of my lights! There were actually 17 spot lights and 2 omni lights, both turned on, in addition to an LEM material in my model according to the analysis. The analysis will bring all the truth you need, despite your convictions.

  2. I had no idea where these lights were, clearly, because I posted this forum question. In order to turn them off without locating them, you must go to “Extensions>>Podium>>Tools>>Toggle Point Lights” and then turn them off. Do that again with “Extensions>>Podium>>Tools>>Toggle Spot Lights”

  3. To deactivate my LEM material, I went to “Extensions>>Podium>>Tools>>Reset Materials”

Yes, all of these steps can be harrowing for a highly involved model that may have precious material attributes, but not having a render capable of presenting is far worse. I hope this takeaway can help 1 person.

All the best!

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