SU Podium All Black Rendering


Hi there. I’m new to SU Podium but have been watching youtube tutorials on how to render with lights. My renderings now are going all black and it seems that they’re rendering really quickly compared to before. (They used to take 7 minutes to render and now they render in about 20 seconds and turn all black). I’m wondering, is the rendering engine skipping steps or did I mess something up? Any ideas on how to fix this? My original renderings were far from perfect, but at least I was able to view them.
Below I’ll try to attach a monochrome screenshot of the scene. Please help! Thanks in advance.


Perhaps you could share the SKP file so we can see exactly how you have the model set up?


The most common error with ‘built in lights’ like yours in the ceiling is that they are in the ceiling and the bottom face blocking the lights.
Be sure to have openings in the ceiling.


Def a good thought! Though I did think of that ahead. I made the pockets for the recessed cans prior to setting them in the ceiling, and even set them .2” below the ceiling to help prevent any kind of light being blocked.


I’m having the same problem. Did you find a solution? Thx!