Png to dxf to 3d

leaf.dxf (2.9 MB)

Could someone help me? I want to create a 3d model from this attached file. I followed what was said in a ttutorial video. Import it and then select it and after pressing the right mouse button I will use the explode function, then the rectangle and after that select the explode option again and again with the right mouse button. Here, in the second step, explode does not appear. it is blacked out and not active. I tried another way. Also import selection and make face (I subscribed to it), but it doesn’t do anything here.

I am working on my thesis and this is one of the main elements. If you could do something for me, I would be very grateful. I want to put it on the floor as a texture.

Were you told to create the 3D model from that dxf?
It is recommended to create the texture (png, jpg) and apply it to what you need.

Use the 2D graphics/image editing program you have and are used to and create your image (PNG, JPG) to import into SketchUp and use as a texture.
For example, I used Inkscape (DXF to PDF), then in Affinity Designer I created the necessary tile and exported it as a PNG/JPG file (optional).
I imported the JPG file into SketchUp and turned it into a texture.

Thank you

I need it to be cut out and broken in the plan, because I want to put several pieces next to each other, turned around. Thank you very much though

You can easily do all this in a graphic image editing program and create a texture.
If you insist on working with geometry in SketchUp, you will have performance problems.
If you are obliged by the requirements of the thesis to use the dxf imported in SketchUp, then… it’s quite a strange request.