PNG file importing - frame around image

Hi All
I have a png logo file that has no background or frame to it. When I import a PNG file it show as square frame like a Jpeg file. So I checked the PNG file and it has no background or frame to it.

In a flat elevation it does not show the frame, then in perspective it shows a frame.
Does anyone know why???

If you brought it in as an image - if you “explode it” you can then SHIFT/CLICK just the edges and they will be hidden.

Thanks for that.
If I explode it then go delete or hide the outer frame then the logo has gone.

I don’t get it as usually the PNG file has no frame, it is cut around the logo???

You have to hold the shift key and delete at the same time, which hides the edge, if you delete the edge the whole thing will disappear

You can see with first click I delete edge and whole thing breaks apart. The second time I did it holding shift and deleting edge.

Also in Styles you can turn edges off so they dont display but all the edges in the model will disappear/ be hidden.


A .png is an image with a transparent background, but it is still a flat rectangle and will caste a shadow as such. If it is showing edges then you need to either remove them or hide them, they may be there because of the way the .png was saved, but however they came about they can be removed.

See here how this logo with no visible edges throws a rectangular shadow, if I explode it the edges appear but I can soften or hide them and they go away again. If you chop away the background you can see the shadow changes shape.
There is a plugin by Tig that will trim .png to correct the shadows.

Thanks so much that did it.

Also I got rid of the white background to my logo by altering the style - clicked the material transparency to on. DONE!

Much appreciated. Cool