PNG Export doesn't export current view anymore

Hi All,

Wondering if anyone else is having this problem with the Sketchup for Web?

I’ve been successfully exporting PNGs showing each individual component (with measurements) in my model. I use this to take down to my workshop to actually make each component. This process has been working perfectly, up until this weekend (23 Oct 2018).

Previously, I would select a single component in my model for which I want to print out some measurements. I select the “Hide rest of model” checkbox in the Display panel, and then would use the Dimensions tool to add the measurements. I would then use the PNG export function to export the single component with dimensions as a PNG. I would then print out the PNG as needed.

But this weekend, I can no longer do this. When I do a PNG export, it exports the full model with no dimensions, even if I’m viewing the single component with dimensions on the screen. It’s like it’s generating its own view using the co-ordinates of my viewing position, but without any other restrictions being passed to the PNG generator.

I’ve attached the corresponding PNG file that was generated so you can see what I mean. I tried to attach the screenshot, but I could only attach one image as I’m a new forum user.

Does anyone else have this issue?


Here is a screenshot of what I was viewing when I clicked the PNG export button…

That isn’t a great method for doing what you are trying to do. Hide Rest of Model is intended to be used while editing components or groups. Instead you should be using layers to control the visibility of the components/groups you want to hide or show.

The behavior you see now is the way the desktop version works. Exporting closes the edit context of the component/group.

FWIW, I just tried the same thing in Pro desktop and the components all re-appear too, not much point to the topic though. But to repeat, you would be much better off using layers, doing it the way you are isn’t very conventional.

Thanks for the tips Ian/Dave. I’m fairly new to Sketchup, so I’m sure I’m not doing things the optimal way. I’ll do the tutorials on using layers to get more of an understanding of it.

Make sure you get the idea that Layer 0 is always left active, all edges and faces are created on and remain on Layer 0, and only components, groups, and text such as dimensions get other layer assignments and you’ll find it all goes well. You can create scenes that show the various parts of your model with just the layers you want to see set to visible. Then you can quickly step through the scenes and export the images.

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