The image model is missing when I export to PNG in Sketchup Layout 2024

I use sketchup Layout for convenient and it is faster rather than bring your working drawing to cad. But, I think there’s a bug here in LO 2024. I’ve never encountered this kind of behavior before, but it’s so annoying and slow down my workflow. I’ve been looking for answer, and I couldn’t find any resolution to my problem.

The problem is, when I export my working drawing in LO 2024 to PNG. Sometimes it works normally, but most every times, I got this bug (as the picture you can see bellow). Almost a 100% when I was exporting the layout file into PNG, mostly it just export the dimensions and lines I created in LO, but ‘NOT’ the model image itself. It’s so annoying. Currently, I have hundreds of pages which is needed to be exported to png. As far I got this bug, the only solution is either to export to pdf or try my luck by exporting one page at a time. It’s so tiresome and so ineffective.

I hope someone come to this problem, and hopefully give me the idea how to work this issue.
Thank you.

My computer spec:

  • AMD ryzen 5 4000
  • NVIDIA GTX 1080
  • Windows 11
  • Layout 2024

Even worse. There are only few image that worked out