Export to png just active (open) group/component?

I model a piece of furniture in my house’s model, I want to export only it to an image. Using ctrl-h (hide rest of model) I can view just the active group, but when I export I get everything. Is there a way to get just the group?

Instead of opening the component/group for editing to make everything else disappear, Slelect everything, deselect the one component or group you want to show and use Edit Hide to hide everything that is selected. Then make your export and use Edit>Unhide to unhide the hidden.

In a large model I’ll have a lot of already hidden groups/lines and my group will be nested in others.

If you structure your model so that everything is contained in groups or components (that is, there are no edges or faces that aren’t in a group or component) you can create a temporary layer and associate that layer with the part(s) you want to export. Then create a scene and hide all but the temporary layer. Export while viewing that scene.

copy/paste in place the group into a new skp or save it as a new component…

open that file to make your image…


Use your phone to take a snap of the screen.