Export 2D Image inside Group/component - Ignore rest of model

Just a quick request to include an option when exporting a 2D image from inside a group or component to ignore the rest of the model.

What do you mean with

While editing?

Set the component editing to ‘Hide rest of model’ in Window>Model Info>Components,
Edit the group/component.
Then export the image.
[EDIT] Only Screensaves will do that

See the attached images. First is a screenshot of the desired 2D Image export, and second is the actual 2D image export. So even though I have Hide Rest of Model enabled while editing, I can’t export a view that only shows what the screen is showing, instead it shows the rest of the model.

You are right, it does display while exporting. I will edit my post!

Use layers. Turn off the layers for everything but what you want to see. No need to wait for a feature to be added.

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Ya that’s one way, but many models are too complicated in terms of layers to do that easily, plus there is not a quick and easy ‘hide’ and ‘unhide’ selected layers. You need to remember which layers you had on to be able to unhide them again.

The best workaround I know is to temporarily move the group or component far enough out of view to avoid the surrounding model, but my vote is still for a simple option in ‘Export 2D Image’ to ignore the rest of model.

Huh. I guess if I wanted to do that I would select all the stuff I want to hide group it and put it on a new layer so I can hide it all with one click. No big deal and it beats your work around of moving everything out of the way and you don’t have to wait for a feature that may or may not come.

Ya I was thinking that also, which I’ve used on smaller models fine, but on large projects where groups are already somewhat deeply nested inside other groups, this becomes more complicated to do than just quickly moving the elements and hitting undo.

I don’t know why that would be the case but if you say so.

You could just delete everything you don’t want to show, too. Undo would bring it back. Save prior to that just in case. But of course you should save before you do anything major to your model.

The layer approach is just more steps than simply moving the geomtery. If I’m isolating a group that is already nested two or three times inside of a larger group, I first need to go to the parent and group everything outside of that parent object and place on a temp layer to hide, then go inside the top parent group and group everything outside of the group I am isolating and place them on the temp layer, and so on depending on how deeply nested your group is. Then you have to ungroup everything you temporarily grouped together. I think on simple models this is easy to do, but not on large scenes. Deleting geometry I think would be a fairly similar process to this. Better off just moving the object far from the model or copying to a clean file in my experience. But I hope someday this just becomes a simple option built into Sketchup. Wish I was better at coding to just make my own option… Cheers.

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