Plugins will not load

I have been using SketchUp in anger since 2004. I am using a mac and am gonna say I am new to it still. My major problem is that even after following smustard’s help these will not load I to a screen cap so you can see the error message I am getting and hopefully tell me how I can remedy this. I have never had this problem before. Your patients and assistance is most appreciated.

Screen cap not posted? I can’t be sure what your problem is from your description, though the most likely explanation is that you are putting the plugin files in the wrong folder.

■■■■ sorry forgot here we go:

You should download progressbar.rb from the same place you got makefaces-2 from, and put it in the same folder.


So, the obvious questions: do you have progressbar.rb, and where did you put it?

Edit: Anssi beat me to it!

I put each file here:

/Users/<your_mac_user_name>/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 8/SketchUp/Plugins

Each is in fact in the plugins folder.

I assume you mistyped that path, as it does not match the one in your screenshot?

I see what you mean. I did try just copying and pasting the path above with the same results. How ever that is not to say that I did not screw it up. I’ll try it once more and see how it goes.

/Users/<your_mac_user_name>/Library/Application Support/SketchUp [n]/SketchUp/Plugins
This is my file tree and there is not a path as listed above

Something is messed up in your handling of the path. In your finder screenshot your user folder is not highlighted, as it should be if you are looking at your own Library. The bottom of the Finder window was clipped, so the full path is not visible.

I no longer have SketchUp 8 installed, but if I recall correctly the plugins path should be

/Users/jeremiahhuson/Library/Application Support/Google SketchUp 8/SketchUp/Plugins

By the way, where did you get makefaces-2.rb? I see no such -2 version on Smustard. Or did that happen because you downloaded it twice?

-2 is more that likely a duplicate download. Ill keep plugging away at it.


I thought that I would try just erasing the -2 and see what happened. Restarted and NO ERROR! Thanks for holding my hand sometimes it helps to have a fresh pair of eyes on the subject.

Alright back to work with me.