Plugins not available

Good Morning,
I just bought a studio M1 Max and migrated all from late 2017 intel mac last night. Most files and apps seem to be fine with the exception plugins for my SU 2019 Pro.

App is working but my plugins aren’t available when I open an existing file. The folder appears to be in the correct location, (see below path) … but to no avail?

User>library>application support> sketchUp 2019> sketchUp> plugins

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Did you copy the extensions over or did you install them fresh from their sources? Installing them fresh is the best option. Did you actually install SketchUp or are you running it from the disk image (dmg) file?

Hi Dave,
Thank you for the prompt reply!
I copied the extensions over :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I don’t actually know how to “install them fresh from their sources” … I’m not that bright! To the best of my knowledge I actually installed sketchUp.

sorry for the parochial questions!

The recommended process for installing extensions is to go to the source for them you ensure you are getting the most current versions. For extensions that come from the Extension Warehouse go to Window> Extension Warehouse, search for them and install them. For extensions that come from Sketchucation, first download the current version of the Sketchucation tool. Install it by going to the Extension Manager, clicking Install Extension and selecting the file followed by “Open”. After that you can open the Sketchucation tool to search for and install extensions from there. When you’ve finished installing the extensions use Command-Q to quit SketchUp. Then reopen it to ensure all extensions load correctly.

To make sure, see this: Installing SketchUp | SketchUp Help

Thank you, now that I grasp “from the source” I’ll do as instructed!

On another note do you suggest I make the leap to 2022 Pro, $ aside? If so will all my plugins that I have purchased & cultivated be availble via your suggestion above?


Good luck.

I guess I would suggest that. For one thing SketchUp 2019 does not support the operating system on your new computer. There have been numerous reports of older releases of SketchUp crashing with the latest Mac OS versions. Your extensions will still work although you’ll need to go through the installation process again. Each version of SketchUp installs as a separate application so extensions don’t carry over automatically.

Also, if you use the 3D Warehouse you can expect to lose direct access to it by the end of the year if you stick with SU2019.

There are number of added features with SU2022 Pro that you might find useful such as SketchUp Go and SketchUp for iPad. A bunch of newer features added to SketchUp and LayOut as well.

Thank you for your sage advice, pun intended!


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On the question about going to 2022, if you have made sure to get the latest plugins after trying 2022, there is a chance they will work as native M1, and get the better performance that you get because of 2022 being M1 native.

If some older plugins haven’t been updated for M1, you could make a copy of SketchUp in the SketchUp 2022 folder, get info on that copy, and check the box to say Open using Rosetta. SketchUp would be back to the performance you will be seeing in 2019, but at least you can use the older plugins.

Thank you Colin,

I just purchased 2022!
Later this weekend I’ll kick the tires and if I have any issues may I respond back to this thread?


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I think that would be ok. You could check for an existing topic, in case someone has already posted about that particular problem. But, follow ups while you are getting things going may as well come here.