Sketchup Stuck loading

I am using the web based Sketchup under the google apps with my classes. We are on Mac Desktop computers. The OS is Monterey. Some students sketchup is not loading, other students are loading with no issues. I prefer to have the students use the Mac

If it does not load on the Mac students are able to load it on the chromebook and it works but not on the Mac. Any advice on how I can get it to load on all the Mac’s?

Perhaps try a different browser, Chrome for example, Safari isn’t reliable for SU Web.

Students are using Chrome.

Perhaps check that the version of Chrome is very recent?

I just updated all the computers before we began this unit. We are using Version 97.0.4692.99 and it works on some of the computers and not others. I am in the process of reinstalling on the ones it does not work on to see if that makes a difference.

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