Plugins & Templates after an 'Update'


SU 2024 has recently released an update, which when installing looks like re-installing SU entirely by dragging (on a MacOS) the application into the applications folder.

Does anyone know if this would replace / eliminate templates and installed plugins? I am familiar with having to re-install all the plugins, and reference or copy my templates manually with new versions (f.e. from 2023 to 2024), but I am in doubt with this ‘update’ within 2024. Does anyone have experience with this?

Thanks in advance,

Updating to the latest maintenance release will not affect installed extensions, templates or other custom content. That stuff is all saved into a user folder separate from the Application. Well, that is unless you were saving stuff into application folders but you’d kind of have to work to do that.

It’s only when updating to the next major release that you have to deal with your added content but that’s because each major release installs as a separate application. It doesn’t overwrite the previous major version.

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