Plugin to Connect Edges?


I really need a fast way to connect edges with lines so I can texture my models. I’ve been doing it by hand but it really takes a lot of time.
Is there a plugin that automatically connects the edges?


Which edges in your image?


Also please expand on what you mean by “connect edges with lines”. The only “lines” in SketchUp are guides…


I just want the edges to connect with each other.
If i knew how to better explain it i would’ve found something already.


Along the side of the gray object, those edges are visible because the object makes a corner at each one. Using the Eraser tool or Model Info, you can hide those edges to make them not display, or soften and smooth them to make SketchUp treat the side as a continuous surface. I can’t tell from the picture why the edges on the top are showing, but it could be because the top also makes a bend there, and the same techniques can be applied.


Thank you but that’s not what i’m asking for. I want the opposite of that. I drew the line there as an example of what i want. I could continue to draw the same line on the spots i marked with arrows but it’s very time consuming. I am asking for a plugin that simply finds all the edges on a flat face and triangulates them (connect every edge with each-other)
I hope i explained it better.


Ah! Clearer now. Perhaps someone will chime in with a triangulator plugin.


Split Donut, Split Sausage, SplitUp and to combine them all in one toolbar: Split Tools.


In SketchUp Pro, you can export a 3DS file and import it back without checking the “Delete Coplanar Edges” option.