Plugin to auto delete diagonal hidden lines when importing IFC files from revit/tekla

Does anyone know of a plugin or a quick method of deleting all the diagonal / triangulating hidden lines that come in with imported data from 3rd party programs like tekla and revit ?

I am making the most of the imported data and it is still quicker than starting from scratch in sketchup, but if there was a quicker way of removing the unnessasary lines with a plugin in like for example Solid Inspector2 (which doesnt include for this)… I am simply manually deleting them one by one and there is at least 6 per object and if there was a method or plugin it would save me a load of time :slight_smile:


See image

Try Clean Up

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Legend… wait for it… dary! Nice one that is the ticket :grinning:

OMG, that has just done in 5 seconds, what would have taken me all day !

Better, yet, try the ifc manager for both exports and imports of ifc: