Remove unneeded lines from a converted 3DS model

I purchased a model off Turbo Squid and had it converted into a Sketch Up file from a 3ds Max file. The Sketch up model now has millions of uneeded lines as the orignal model was constructed out of polygons. The model is very big and working with it is slow.
I want to try and lighten the model, is there any way to remove all the uneeded lines?

You could use:

It may well be that there are needed lines that just don’t need to be visible, if that is the case use the Soften/Smooth option within the Default tray.
Without seeing your model it is difficult to give concise advice.

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You can also use Thomthom’s plugin cleanup³Âł


Thanks for your suggestions
The model can be seen here

I ran cleanupÂł that I listed above with default settings, lasted 4m34s
Edges Reduced: 473533
Faces Reduced: 421515
Purged Components: 65
Purged Materials: 14

file size went from 943 Mo to 101 Mo


Thats very interesting. I have tried to install the extension but have not been able to get it to work. I have tried unistalling sketchup and reinstalling but still no luck.
I would really appreciate it if you could send me the model you cleaned up.

alright I’ll upload it but I have to save it back in v2017 for you first.

For the extension, make sure you restart sketchup after installing and go to extension > cleanup³ > Clean… As you may want to use it again for any imported 3ds files

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wetransfer link here

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Most common reason why CleanUp3 doesn’t work is the user fails to also install the required TT_Lib files, too. No amount of uninstalling and reinstalling SketchUp will fix it.


Thanks so much for that, that’s awsome. Its so much smaller and easier to work with.


OK, thanks for your advice I’ll give it another go.

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