Plugin for smoothing isocontours?

Do you know of a practical way for smoothing isocontours created from a point cloud?

Curves.skp (395.4 KB)

You might try the various tools in Fredo6’s Curvizard. Maybe Simplify Contours or Smooth Contours would be a good start.

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Or maybe Toposhaper…also another amazing Fredo plugin

Curvizard seems to be the right tool, however I get the following error with it.

Have you been taken into consideration this :

It seems you have an old version of LibFredo6.

Could you first update to v9.5a and check if the problem persists.

It seems that updating LibFredo6 did the trick.

What settings in Curvizard should one use to smooth these isocontours? “Smooth Contours” does not seems to do it.

SU file is in the first post.

@Fredo6, now I got the plugin working, would you be so kind to suggest setting for aggressive smoothing of isocontours generated by toposhaper?

@Nopea You might have already scoured the internet for resources but in the event that you haven’t come across this informative video yet, I figured I would share it since it is one that I always fall back on when I need to refresh my memory on how to make the best use of these extensions.