From Contours on Straight Lined Contours

I am trying to create a quality mesh or tin from a set of contours that I have for my current project. The contours that I recieved from my engineers are very straight and do not have any bend to them. I am running into problems when I am running from contours or toposhaper. Is there any better extensions that will let me run a mesh from straighter contours? I am attaching an image to show what is going on.

Do you have a result with toposhaper too?

Here is the toposhaper look. It does the same thing. But it doesnt look as bad. Just wondering if there was a different way of creating my mesh that is more exact with straighter contours.

Maybe you can try to smooth the lines before the topo creation? (e.g. with Curvizard)

I first off used the edge tools simplify contours and that helped out a lot. It combined welded all of the contours and reduced the file size from 27 mb to 5 mb. But then I ran from contours and toposhaper. I am going to experiment with curvizard to see if it does anything.

Once you’ve made the mesh you could consider using my ‘contour’ tool which overlays a set of contour lines.
Then you can discard the mesh and make a new one from those contours using the Sandbox tools or even TopoShaper again ?

I am trying to create the new toposhaper mesh from the new contours I created from your plugin. It just says that is is running analysis of initial selection. It hasnt done anything for some time now. I dont think it is going to work. The snadbox mesh from the new contours did not turn out well.

Can you share the contour lines?

Do you have any ideas what you are going to compare your results with or are you thinking you were given a bad data set?
Can you post Geo Location info on the area you are working with ( Create comparison from with TIGs tool ) and maybe the given data set. (Ops Cotty asked already ).Correlation coefficient will not be very good.

Data gives one the idea it sort of comes from cutting plane intersecting truncated cone => reason for questions.
This is sophomoric but may be gives some ideas:smiley:

If you can find a 3rd order cubic spline interpolator plugi it may help with smoothing

I am meeting with the engineer today and will have the updated contours by the end of the day. I will try and redo the mesh and see what I can come up with. I will upload and share as much as I can.

I was able to provide my client with the proper quality mesh using toposhaper. Once I received the new contours I went ahead and ran toposhaper. I double clicked in and out of the mesh it smoothed out nicely. Thank you for all of the help people.

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