How can I smooth terrain from contours?

I’m having a trouble in creating a terrain from contour DWG. I perfectly created the 3D sandbox but the asphalt has many steps which I didn’t expect. I want to smooth the asphalt as the existing one. Can someone help me?

Do you have the Artisan extension? Vertex Tools? Fredo TopoShaper?

No, Sir. Can those extensions solve the problem?

Otherwise I would not have asked, but it is necessary to learn to use them.

But it still depends on the level of detail you want to reach, probably you could somehow solve it with FredoSketch and Sandbox.

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Thank you! I’ll try that.

You’re welcome!

Try first with Fredo TopoShaper and generate a new terrain with the help of the extension. You will get a grid terrain and on which that road will possible look better, without the need for adjustments or only smaller ones.