Landscape modification


I’m working on a landscape.

I wonder if there is a way to modify part of the landscape.

For example, I would like to flatten part of the landscape by selecting an area and setting the same height for all points.

And I would be even better if there was a way to modify the points near the area to do some kind of terrain smoothing.

Thank you for your help.

Yes this is possible easily with a plugin called artisan by mind sight studios. There is also a stamp ability with sandbox tools which is native to sketchup.

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I don’t have much luck modifying existing terrain. Generally I will just draw the new grading with topo lines, foot prints, etc, and use sandbox or curviloft plugin to generate the new surface and building pads. Then I intersect with existing grade and cut out what I don’t need.

A few options


Thanks. I mean getting specific results with the terrain modifying tools. Most of our work is renovations, so I model before & after. I find it easier to just construct the new terrain vs modifying the existing to fit new design.

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Your topology is bad,so it can generate smoothing artifacts and will be hard to texture properly.
I would suggest first of all to rebuild the mesh in quads as much as possible (in the example below I used Toposhaper).
By the way, if you want, as you said, some terrain smoothing around your flattened area, you can use Vertex Tools scale to 0 with some soft selection active, then you can easily add textures to it with various method (here I used Thrupaint) or do further manual modifications (maybe with Artisan brushes or Vertex tools itself).

Whaou !

Thank you everybody !!!
All those method are working, it’s cool. It will be enough for what Iwant to do.

It’s a shame that the sandbox tool doesn’t smooth the offset regardless of its size :person_shrugging:

@mihai.s Thank you for the video. With many iteration of the method 2 and the sandbox elevation tool (I dicovered today :wink:) I will probably succeed :muscle:

Great Sketchup community…

@dan20047 The topology comes from french gouvenement data.
In France, the government has scanned the entire territory, so it gives more or less the exact relief of the area.
I had a little trouble importing the data into Sketchup. I had to go through a 3ds object which is limited in number of faces, hence (probably) the somewhat strange cutting.

You’re welcome!

You can use .DAE or .OBJ files.

For generating nice structured triangular mesh, I second Toposhaper. That is what I used to generate my terrain from survey data. The trouble spots are retaining walls / vertical grade breaks. I usually have to draw footprints in 3d to bridge the gaps and not deform the terrain adjacent to the break. The downside to Toposhaper is the smoothing algorithm slightly deviates from the survey data, which can misleading when doing fine grading correlated with specific spot elevations from the survey. In those cases I use sandbox loft/depress to correct the grades as needed, which is fussy but works.

My model also merged the larger site context from google (back in 2016), which I think had to stitch together with more detailed survey model. I did that by importing 3d terrain into sketchup. Using TIG’s Contour Maker I generated larger context topo lines. In CAD I connected local more detailed survey topo lines to these larger context topo lines. These larger topo lines were then used by Toposhaper to generate full terrain.

Maybe you should take a deeper look to the “cleansing” functionality in Toposhaper