Smoothing terrain in SketchUp?

Is there some straightforward procedure or plugin that would smooth sharp (in this case vertical edges) in a landscape surface?

The sharp edges is the result of merging two surfaces made with toposhaper, 1) a larger area and 2) the area of special interest. This procedure allows the modelling of the area of special interest with a sufficient amount of detail. The first one is merely for setting the context. Here, sufficent amount of detail = number of toposhaper triangles reserved for the special interest area.

A slice of the merged terrain can be found in the attached file.

Edge_problem2.skp (926.4 KB)

With Vertex Tools - Download — Vertex Tools

Also with Vertex Tools, but after I created the same number of vertices on both edges.

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I’d second @mihai.s 's approach. You can also use Artisan as well which I like as it has some other tools that are good for working with terrain.

If you don’t want to purchase an extension, you could always use Sandbox Tools. Just clip out a bit of area on one side of the ‘seam’ and then select the edges between terrain meshes, group separately and run ‘From Contours’. Again, not as nice of a result but worth knowing the method.

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