Plugin for climbingwalls

Is this the right way and place to ask for a commercial plugin?
We are building climbingwalls and i would need a special plugin to turn simple faces into panels with a defined thickness.
But also taking care the different angles to each other.
Thanks stefan

Extension Warehouse search - Climbing Walls extension

i know this one, but it´s not want i ´´m searching for…

Could you share some sketches what exactly that plugin should do?

Or is it just ‘push/pull’ face with specific length?
(probably not :P)


All the panels have the same thickness, but their intersection…

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seeing the model, number 1 is like i draw normally, 2 is when i push/pull to the front, and 3 is when i push/pull to the back.

what i need is the single panels are 21mm thick (or 18mm) and there are no gaps between the single panels, means the panels having 21 or 18mm edges remain the angles from blue to orange and so on.

And the next step is that i need one more plugin to export the panels to CAD Works.
sample_boulder.skp (208.7 KB)

Yes, that´s exactly what i mean - the panels must remain the angles to the faces…

Have you checked out Joint Push Pull?

right now not, but i will download and try…thanks

Being that climbing walls are so irregular in their geometry I would think that modeling with native tools is probably the most realistic. Maybe with some general modeling plugins to assist.

I’m not entirely clear on what you are wanting to do with the beveled edges

i want to have finished panels, means panels which i can cut with a panel saw.
And in a second step i want to be able to export these panels to CAD Works.
My producer works with CAD Works and when i can send him the finished files, it will be cheaper for me.

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As a once climber of 15 years, I’m keen to contribute my thoughts! Shoulders and hands ended my career sadly!

What about using a universal say 15-20 degree bevel to the rear of the panel, but it will incur a second spindle moulding / routing process. This gives you unlimited added angle transitions and up to 30-40 degrees negative transitions. But it does mean that all your front faces are, up to these transitions, tight!

I thought I’d share with you what we’ve developed for our modular panelised building system, we export labels that provides details on Height, Left / Right Heights, Width, Left / Right Edge Treatments. We apply these to a base panel and then process the panels to each detail on the label. If this would work for you it means you could use the climbing wall plugin and apply “close enough” bevels to each edge as positive (bevel to rear) / negative values (bevel to front) the latter becomes a little problematic, though I’m uncertain if necessary!

Obviously you wouldn’t need the guide on each label. The other tool (extension) to consider to plan for best panel use efficiency is CUT LIST!

Hi Richard, sorry to hear your career has ended!
I´m climbing now for 35 years and i´m still on fire:-)

The guy i work with works with an CNC and he is using CAD works.
Right now i send him my sketchup and he import it in CAD works but he has to some additional work to get a proper result.
Because of this i want to have a plugin to get a 100% correct and precise sketchup and a good working export to CAD works to save some time.

Otherwise we stay like we do right now.

Best Stefan

I would suggest the following:

  1. you start from a flat vertical wall split in triangles, roughly with the size you expect
  2. you move vertices horizontally or slightly horizontally to create the slopes.
  3. once it is done, you use JointPushPull to give the wall a unform thickness.

Bsed on this apporach, assuming this is suitable, a plugin would help to:

  • show the slopes interactively
  • impose a slope for a panel, by moving vertices, while making sure that the slope of other panels remain within defined bounds. This is a kind of optimization iterative process, with probably a convergence algorithm. This may be the difficult part, but even a simple algorithm would be more efficient than doing it manually.
  • automate the JPP thickening
  • Manage the export to CAD and document the wall (dimensions, area, slope, …)

sorry for my late replay - we had heavy floods here in south germany and i had to work a lot around our home.

I discussed with production and finally we decided to stay with the prozess we have right now. They explain that there is a general “problem” between designing in sketchup and manufacture with CAD works.

Thanks a lot for your all of your comments and ideas!