Please recommend an accurate render plugin

Hi, can anyone recommend a good rendering plugin that can accurately calculate lux (Cd/m2) levels (with the false colour maps etc). I’m currently using vray for render, but have to use VELUX Daylight Visualizer to calculate light levels, as vray doesn’t seem to have this feature; and VELUX is a standalone software that’s too basic to have any modelling functions, which makes things awkward to work with as I have to export my models from sketchup everytime I make adjustments.

Back in the old days I used Lightscape. Not sure what softwares are out there now. Also, I heard vray in 3ds max may have this feature. If so, I might have to switch to another modelling software.


Illuminance | VRayIlluminance (has lux and false colors):|+VRayIlluminance

Thanks! So the 3dsmax vray does have this feature. Might have to learn max now, it looks like the vray there has a lot more features.

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And now there is the Next version…

Haha yep! I look forward to the LIGHTING ANALYSIS part of the program.

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