Please integrate VR module

Please integrate VR module.
Something simple, like adding multifunctional camera in a point you want to be a start position for watching around you. Then it shall capture the model and save it as application for VR glasses of all types. Also it shall have the option to make tour - chain of positions in a model, so you can push a button o your VR glasses and make tour.
It will be really greate and defenatly usefull to make such feature.

There must be an economic reason (ie, a “use case”) for features, other than just being “cool”.

Walkthrough animations are already possible with 3rd party extensions.

A search of the Extension Warehouse for Animation extensions:

I think that ‘cool’ stuff usually has a ‘use case’ associated with it - I would pay for a plugin that something along the lines of what Miroslav is after.

I can imagine in a couple of years (or sooner) having a group of clients sat next to me with VR headsets on, being fully immersed inside their future home proposals either being shown a pre-set tour or one better, if I could model in real time, and have guests interdependently flying around inside with their head sets on and a joystick type setup…

Just reminding feature requesters to read this topic thread by the team:

Yes @alanhughes1984, that is a good use case. It may already be possible using extensions, but may not “pass the muster” for a core feature. It is definitely a Pro use case.

VR presentations in one form or another seem inevitable as the way of the future. For a modeling app such as SketchUp I think this is an important target feature (as opposed to merely “cool”).

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I am not totally against this idea, just question whether it might be a better feature for a Desktop ViewUp Pro applet. (ie SketchUp is for modeling, LayOut for documenting, the Viewer for presenting.)


That seems a reasonable separation of function, better than cramming it all into one endlessly growing behemoth!


I tried one of the VR setups at Basecamp 2016 with a ordinary SketchUp model downloaded from 3DWH.
Simply amazing and even a bit scary because of the nature of the model.

Given only that brief experience, I don’t understand why additional VR features are needed SketchUp.

I’m no stranger to working at heights.
Looking down from the top of this model in VR gave me a bit of a start.

Hi! I have only used sketchup trials at home (for kitchen design). I work with integrating VR (vive) into home improvement. I was wondering if downloading a sketch up model onto my computer is simple enough to explain to me here?
My customers (and boss) would love to see it!


I also tried a couple of the VR demonstrations at Basecamp 2016, although I tried it with a group kitchen design I had on a USB stick. The experience was wonderful, but isn’t one that could be easily extended to using VR in the interaction between the design professional and the client. Why? Because both of the VR demos relied on very expensive hardware to control the interactivity of the VR.

The combination of SketchUp with VR could be highly beneficial for the design/present/update cycle between design professional and client, but shouldn’t rely on expensive VR hardware. It should be able to use consumer level VR technology such as Google Daydream or Samsung Gear.

While such functionality might be provided by 3rd parties, I think Trimble should extend their business model to include presentation . Toward that end, I just created a new topic: