Please help with landscape elements

please help with landscape elements

It would be interesting to ask exactly what you want, we don’t really know

Try the 3d Warehouse.

what i want are those traffic light, trees shrubs street light the soft copy

OK, would you like us to go find them for you?

No dear what I mean is dat if u can recommend how I can get it…am new to sketch up

Kind of you to call me “dear”!

Wasn’t your question answered here?:

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Try the 3d Warehouse.

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If u can help me with it …I appreciate sir

How much more help do you need? You can go to the 3D Warehouse in your internet browser and download the components you want. You can also access the 3D Warehouse through the Window menu in SketchUp and get the components that way.

I’m tempted to ask @odoma if he/she would like fries with that. But I won’t!

Thank u my man

I’m not your man.

Man I didn’t get u

I wouldn’t worry about it. I was only joking and humour doesn’t always travel well.

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