Please help - trying to get a flat file


I have 5 days to get a drawing out for my masters and have spent 7 days chasing my tail, thinking I am getting somewhere then its fallen apart, when I have tried to do something more complicated.

So I have started again, and all I am trying to do is get my base drawing on a flat file. I have read the blogs and tried exporting the drawing to 2d auto cad file, then reimporting it and using the extensions Edgetools 2, Enroath flatten to plane and Enroath face creator.
The file I exported did have 3 faces Slope A1 but now only has 1 Slope A2
Slope A1.skp (181.0 KB) Slope A2.skp (191.5 KB)

Not sure I understand your question. Can you rephrase what you specifically need help with? Making faces? Closing edge gaps? Importing CAD lines?

And one file you uploaded, A1 is blank while the other, A2, shows that your lines are flat and can turned into faces in just one click using any of the FaceCreator, or eq. extensions.

Thank-you, I tried it several time, also got someone else to try the face create nothing happen, just tried it again and it worked, so i don’t know what was going on. Thanks for taking a look

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