Please help! re: rounding edges

I’ve watched demos and looked at the forums but I am having trouble rounding the edges of this planter tray. Can anyone help me? I’m attaching the file. I use the free online version.

plant tray.skp (106.5 KB)

If I were doing this I would draw a profile of the planter and the ellipse as a path and use Follow Me. Delete the hole in the center.

It’s a pretty tiny little plant tray. Are you sure of the dimensions?

yes, it’s for a small plant pot on a window sill.

is there a way to do it with my existing component?

You could do that.

Generally it’s easy and you’ll get better results if you plan ahead for that sort of feature.

Are you planning to 3D print the thing?

Would something like this be acceptable?

Plant Tray dr.skp (268.7 KB)

To complement on Dave"S file, see this one.

Planter.skp (473.8 KB)

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