Please help me, send model about road-tunnel-3d-model


Dear All.
I’m student,I am needing road-tunnel-3d-model, anybody please send to me.
Thank you very much.


At first glance, it seems that, as a student, you are asking us to do your homework for you. That is not something I’m willing to do, and I doubt any others on this forum will do.

Please explain your need in more detail, and how we wouldn’t be “doing your homework” if we do as you requested.


No, you understand my comment.
I am involved in part-time work on tunnel design. I am a student so I do not have much money to buy a model online. I found the model on the page: contains the things I want. pls help me
My email:


Learn by doing I think… is the usual thing.

If you look at the wireframe, it’s even showing you how to layout the geometry.

If you can’t at least make this simple tunnel, please let me know what tunnel you are working on, so I can make sure to never go inside!!

But in all seriousness, we can break this down quite easily. If you watch the first couple of SketchUp intro videos then you will be all set, if you get stuck watch them a few times:

-If you draw the cross section of the tunnel on a flat plane, you can use the ‘push/pull’ tool to create the tunnel itself.

-In order to make the tunnel curve you can use the ‘follow me’ tool on the extruded tunnel.

  • The lights and fittings may look complicated, but if you break them down they are not so difficult. If you do really struggle then you have plenty of light fitting options on the 3D warehouse. If you cannot find anything to use for ventilation, two edited aircraft turbojets set end to end would do.

  • As far as materials go, default SketchUp materials can cover this, if you need to render then that’s another question.

You wont get much sympathy here as most of us have also been skint students or self taught and i’ve been both. Most people are happy to help but you will learn nothing if somebody just buys it for you. If you knuckle down, you can do this in a weekend with no prior experience.


SketchUp is pretty finicky with complex curved geometry like this - your better off in Rhino or Max .


I would disagree, I think a proficient user would create this scene in 30 mins or less including clay render and lighting.


I suppose if you wanted something set in stone. But if you want any flexibility in changing any of the geometry of the tunnel in the future - other programs are far superior to SketchUp. I’m also pretty sure curving array’s will require a plug-in or two to make happen. But yes, technically - you could hack this together in SketchUp.


Well I would double disagree, not only is this a 30 min job but as long as you keep your layers and components in order of course it’s editable. Thats’s why SketchUp is a good concept tool and something like Blender/Rhino/Modo is not. Find me a good user in one of those and we can have a live face off. If I can’t beat them @TheOnlyAaron can.

Iv’e got it good as I mostly just draw silly things but the Arch Viz guys are changing up all the time in way more complicated things like this. I did my first tunnel project about 5 years ago and had to model each concrete moulded component individually.


Well there is software out there that would let you add in and extra lane or two of road with a few clicks. SketchUp would require starting from scratch. There are simply some use cases that SketchUp is inefficient at. Re-doing everything is never going to be an efficient use of time.


Well if you let me know what software can simply ‘add’ a few lanes please let me know, it would come in really handy in work.

I have Rhino, Alias, Catia, Lightwave, 3DSM, C4D, Blender and SketchUp Pro. And I know what tool I would use if I had to make this tunnel in 30 mins.


There’s a bunch of software that can - Rhino + Grasshoper, Solidworks, 3D Max, probably even Revit.


Yes I have half of those, if you can let me know where the two click function is we can get rid of half of the department.
It takes a day to make a door panel in Alias, in the meantime I can make 5 doors in SketchUp.


The entire point of those programs is to make these issues into two click functions…


Well we must agree to disagree. And if you can show me how a dual lane model tunnel can have a few added lanes with simple process (that can’t be completed in SketchUp) then please let us know. Because we use SKP for rapid prototyping because the heavy packages can’t (rapidly prototype!) If you want to try and make this model in Alias and race me in SketchUp then I already have the popcorn in the microwave.


You can’t seriously compare SketchUp to BIM modelling. Solidworks let’s you update profiles as you go. Revit lets you change entire assemblies.


That all means nothing, OP needs to make a simple tunnel, he doesn’t need BIM or solidworks, he just needs to watch some you tube videos as I originally advised. You are the one who butted in saying this it too complicated for SketchUp?

You commented saying that SketchUp is finicky with complex geometry like this, rather than show me that it’s true… all you have said is ‘x’ and ‘y’ is better at ‘stuff’. Yeah of course certain stuff is better at other things, that’s why we have Catia and Alias in work to make real 3D models that become real objects. But it does not stop the point that I can make this whole tunnel with lighting and rendering in THEA GPU in about a quarter of the time an industrial designer can do it in Maya/Max/Lightwave/Catia/Alias/Modo/C4D/Blender etc, you get the point.

Ed: and yes you are correct in general, just not on this specific tunnel!


It all really depends on what he’s doing it for. If he’s an engineer - other programs make a lot more sense to use. SketchUp only makes sense if this is a one time use case, where the tunnel geometry will never change. The moment anything in that tunnel needs to change - the user is either going to have to start from scratch or finick-ily cut the geometry.


If he’s an engineer, and he’s here asking for a tunnel model for $30… for a project… then God help us all…

But yes I agree on all your points, I was only arguing for OP original request and that it’s not too hard for him to at least replicate this 3D model he wants to purchase in 1 weekend. I doubt the requested model is structurally sound. But you are of course right, any real project that involves actual calculations and edits for things like tunnels and load weights is not going to take place in vanilla SketchUp!


I work with engineers everyday- this is precisely the sort of stuff I’d expect. I try and point people towards the best software for the job - I’ve seen too many people spend way too much time in SketchUp for me not too.


Well like I said, we can both agree to disagree, I also work with engineers all day. I am also a CAD modeller myself using lot’s of software. I like the quirks and accept the faults of all of them. But I stand by my point that this simple tunnel is a Sketch job. If you want to start a thread about the Pro/Con of SketchUp then do so, but this thread was about OP trying to get somebody to buy him a model and me explaining the easy steps for him to do it himself. If you are not helping OP and only arguing with me then start another conversation since I already solved his problem should he choose to follow my instructions.

If somebody posts a problem on a SketchUp based forum and your answer is to ‘not use SketchUp’ when it’s perfectly viable to do so, then you are in the wrong place sorry.