Please help, I keep getting this error when I try to render

[V-Ray] Failed to initialize OptiX (check your driver version. OptiX requires NVidia driver 466.11 or later)! Error Code : 7801
06/12/2021 08:20:01 Error [V-Ray] [VUtils::VOptix::ContextImpl::init] 7801: OptiX failed to initialize. Error code : 7801

I have updated all my drivers and updated everything but still get the same error message over and over

After updating the drivers, you might want to restart the computer.
Then try running the installer of V-ray again but this time by rightclicking on it and then choose ‘Run as Administrator ‘
The most preferred order and way of installing is IMO is
The OS (usually, windows takes care of it)
Graphic drivers (by rightclicking on the installer file and choosing ‘Run as Administrator ‘
Sketchup (same, rightclicking and choosing ‘Run as Administrator ‘)
V-Ray (same……)
Then do a restart of the computer.