Something went wrong trying to initialize the sketchUp model

I had issues with the Sektchup model & Vray rendering issue.
If someone has a solution please provide the solution to it.

What version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile says SketchUp 2019 Free (Web) which is impossible. Please correct your profile.

What version of Vray are you using? Since this is a Vray problem, have you tried contacting them for support as the message directs you to do?

i used Sketchup 2019 and Vray 4.1
if you any solution please suggest me.

Did you contact ChaosGroup’s support as the message tells you to do?

That would be my suggestion.

Thanks for updating the SketchUp version but your operating system is Windows, not ‘2019’. What is the graphics card model?

No I did not do that can you have any link or support Please help me.

The e-mail address for support is given in the error message. Look at your screen shot.

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Why not use 4.2?

I have 4.1 only

I guess that’s the risk of getting cracked versions, normally, you have the right to update within a bought version…