Please Help - Can't accept Terms & Conditions, Can't Install (SketchUp Make)

Downloaded the file for SketchUp Make for Mac from here but no option to accept terms and conditions came up., therefore could not install.

Any idea whats wrong/what I’m doing wrong?


What specifically did you to in your attempt to install?

The right process is to download the installer .dmg file to your computer. Open the .dmg and you will see an icon on the Desktop, a brief dialog about verifying contents, and then a window showing a SketchUp icon and an Applications folder icon. In that window, drag the SketchUp icon onto the Applications icon. When the install is complete, right click and eject the .dmg from the Desktop.

Hey silbaumgartner thanks for the response.

I downloaded the .dmg
then I clicked on it in my downloads
then I dragged the skp icon into my applications icon
then I ejected it off my desktop
But then when I click on the Sketchup icon in my applications it says
“SketchUp” is an application downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it?

dont I have to accept terms and conditions or something for it to be properly installed? its like its not properly installed


this is a message from Apple, click yes…

before you downloaded, you had to agree to SU’s terms…


Ah thanks guys. its working now.

Dunno why I was so confused. Switched from PC to Mac and maybe thats it.


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