Error message on opening layout on a MAC


Im new to Sketch-up. I downloaded the program , dragged it into my applications folder and when I open it I get an error message it isn’t recognized. Any ideas greatly appreciated


Are the icons of SketchUp OK, or do they have a slash through them? Where’d you download it from? If it wasn’t from redo the download.


Your description omits some steps so I’m not sure whether or not you did them. The full process is:

  • download the installer .dmg
  • double-click the .dmg to mount it. An icon should appear on your desktop
  • double-click the icon to open the installer package. This should open a window on the desktop with a sketchup Icon and an applications folder icon.
  • in that window drag the sketchup icon onto the applications folder icon. After a moment you should see a progress bar telling you filed are being installed.
  • when the install complete, close the installer window and the eject the .dmg