Please fix the alt key and menu bar issue soon

Yes - I have the “use Sticky Keys” option on my computer turned off and I had played around with that feature; it has not effected the issue for me…

With ‘Use Sticky Keys’ turned off:

No menu bar underlines:

After I used Alt+Tab to leave SU to another program and again Alt+Tab to return to SU, the menu bar is options are underlined:

Within SU:

Menu bar has not underlines and I have selected one edge:

After I use my shortcut key for ‘select all connected’, Alt+‘c’, menu bar option have operation character underlines; I have struck the Alt+‘c’ once as per my typical usage of shortcut keys:

might seem like a silly question, have you tried another keyboard ?
looking to cross out some causes, and an “actual” sticky (or faulty) alt key could also do it.

I had a keyboard take water once, and the space bar only did double / triple spaces after that

This Alt key behavior in SU 23 with the update is consistent on my personal laptop and work desk top computer, for me.

I am aware of the typical Alt operation. I can say with absolute confidence that, for me, my work flow is negatively effected while using SU2023 (with current 2023.0.1 updated) with use of the Alt key used in any form of shortcut operations, SU & Windows alike. I have been active on SU for a number of years and have, personally, never encountered this operational issue.

No, I had the same. I updated to the latest version 2023.0.1 and the problem with Alt still there. Because I use a lot shortcut keys combined with. Seem problem happens with use Alt+key to active a tool, not with a single command.

What you describe is consistent with what I am encountering.

To clarify, you say “… had the same”, do you mean “… have the same”, as in still do, currently?
Thank you

I admit, I use a lot of shortcut keys with all programs I use in order to touch the mouse a little as possible. Perhaps most users are mouse operators and not shortcut key operators. I have setup may shortcuts on SU and other programs that utilize all modifier keys (i.e atl, shft, ctrl and combination of them). This has always been my preferred work flow and this Alt key issue is throwing a wrench into my work flow…

I sure would like to know if there are others experiencing this alt key locking the menu bar in an unusual and persistent manner even after updating to 23.0.1…
Thank you

I’ve been reading your thread. I use the standard shortcut keys but have not made my own.
Once I had “X” as xray, but don’t use that anymore. I just use “Go” and don’t have any issues.
Sorry that you are so frustrated. Maybe I won’t even start with making my own shortcuts, get used to them, and get frustrated if they don’t work.

Yes I and others have the issue. Yes it has been reported to the SketchUp Devs.

No a fix did not make the latest update (23.0.1)

@colin confirmed to me that, yes it had been logged internally by @trent.

Yes it a pain, but an extra click on ALT or ESC or a click on empty space in the modeling area will clear the menu focus.