Please direct me to a starting page

I am so brand new at working with a design program that I can’t even find where to go to START a design. You know, like, a blank page that lets me draw on it? I don’t have SketchUp Pro.

Please help me to find a page to draw on. Thank you in advance.

When you open SketchUp (or File → New), you usually get a blank 3D space to draw a 3D model.
Note that SketchUp is a 3D design program, if you instead want to do 2D design, you better choose a 2D design program, either for raster graphics or vector graphics. They usually open with a 2D page.

Maybe you are instead looking for existing models as templates that allow you to experiment with the tools, disassemble and modify models?

Or you are looking for tutorials how to get started using the tools?
Self-paced tutorials
Youtube tutorials and accompanying models

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I don’t know if you are having problems selecting a template when starting SketchUp. Once you have selected one and the program runs you have your blank page (or space) to draw on (or in).

Thank you Aerillius,

I am looking to accomplish what I see on TV when they show the design layout of the tiny houses that are being built. I think that’s 3-D.

I am going to explore the links you provided. I really appreciate your help.

Thank you.

Thank you Eneroth3,

Your response prompted me to find a page that asked me to choose a template. I remembered seeing that page before. So I found it, and made my first 3-D box. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help.

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