I want to start a project and don't know how

How to start a project first drawing

File - New :wink:

Seriously, though, I highly recommend going through these videos. they are full of great information for a first-timer!

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If, after you take Aaron’s advice, you’re still needing some help, it would be much easier to tell you how to start if we knew what sort of project you want to draw.

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I can’t seem to be able to pick a template

When you first open SketchUp, you should get a Welcome screen and one of the options will be to choose a template. If you are just getting started learning to use SketchUp, it probably doesn’t make a whole lot of difference what template you start with as long as you have a new blank file to draw in.

The Help files can be very useful. See this article on choosing a template.

I can’t get to the ‘Welcome to Sketchup’ screen. Just the forum etc

Have you actually installed SketchUp on your computer? When you start SketchUp you should see a screen similar to this. Mine is for the Pro version so it’s a little different. Click on the Template bar and choose a template. Then click on Start using SketchUp in the lower right corner.

When I go to activate it ‘I get this’

This leads me to believe you have not installed SketchUp on your computer. Is that right? Or did you install the pro version and the trial period has run out.

You need to give more complete account of what you are doing exactly that leads you to this message.

I did get this as part of an e-mail

Thanks for downloading SketchUp Make!(2)

I think they want me to buy pro

Well of course they’d like it if you bought the program but there’s no requirement unless you are using it for commercial purposes. If you installed the program after you downloaded it, pick a template and choose Start using SketchUp. Do not click on the License tab.

Hey thanks for hanging with me. I finally got it downloaded!

I did something to make the dimension disappear in the corner. Now when I draw a rectangle there is nothing there.

Make sure the SketchUp window is full screen by clicking on the square icon in the upper right corner of the window. Also, go to View>Toolbars and make sure there is no check mark by Measurements.

That was odd. I had to go to the toolbar first and click measurements and then go back and click it again and they showed up. I kind of figured that was were it was once you sent this to me. I’m getting there. I used to use pro-e for years. But not since 09