Newbie do I start?

How to I download the basic free program and where is it placed on my computer to access?

Choose your OS and bitness (32-bit or 64-bit), and language for SketchUp Make 2015.

Save the installer somewhere, perhaps in your “Downloads” directory ?

See the instructions here:
Installing SketchUp:

Thanks - I am so non-techie; I think I downloaded the program but did not know where to look. Will see if in my download directory. Thanks a mil!


After you have located and confirmed your SketchUp installation, you may want to review some of the Getting Started Video Tutorials found at this link:

Also look at these more advanced tutorials:


If you have Windows then from the Start menu click on ALL PROGRAMS. You will get a list of programs YOU or that came installed on your unit. They are alphabetical for the most part so just scroll down till you see Sketch Up and click on it. If you did follow the install wizard you should have the second screen shot on your screen.

Sketch Up Make and Pro are all in one for 30-days after that you lose the ability to access the Pro features This is the only differences between the two. You can search for these to get a full explanation but I would think you will have your hands full with the basics for 30 days. I had never used let alone turned on a computer till January of 2012. I did not know how to get on line as well as send an email. Get use to frustration as use it as a tool and spend time READING about the basics, here is an oldie but a goodie

ug_sketchup_win.pdf (3.0 MB)

jvleearchitects … info on the videos is assume dont get me wrong. But by reading and following the PDF info, you get a double re-enforcement. If you dont have a Internet connection, I would go to a park out of the house and could still learn with a split screen. Also if you dont duplicate it correctly you have to find out what you did wrong instead of replaying a video. You will retain more info this way and though it is harder, you will save time down the road. Good luck with what works best for you and first help yourself but dont hesitate to ask questions. There is a difference in the two and this is a good place to ask questions…Peace…

Ultimately the OP will determine the most desirable means for learning the software. I submitted the video links because they have been proven to be effective for new users. Shortly after adopting SketchUp as the primary design tool in my small office, I saved these videos to our network and used them as teaching tools for my staff to become acquainted with the program. In spite of varying levels of progress, each of the 9 colleagues who participated in our in-house training sessions was able to be productive within one month.

We also had access to several pdf versions of the User Guide that was relatively current for that time. We found the videos to be most informative. Be advised that the User Guide pdf attached to the previous post is quite dated, going back to version 6. Admittedly most of the features included in SketchUp 2015 are touched upon, but there are features that have been introduced after that version which are not discussed. The tutorials previously indicated cover just about the entire gamut of the SketchUp universe.

I read the PDF once when I got the program (SU4). Then went to the videos. The only one I viewed more than once covered projected textures. From there I moved to the forum to spread my wings.

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