Plate Text Symbol in LayOut


I am working on a structural planset for my internship and I have seen the “PL” symbol used before in Autocad, but cannot seem to find it anywhere in LayOut. In case you haven’t seen it before, it is a capital P and L overlapping one another.

Has anyone ever encountered this issue? Does LayOut have additional text symbols somewhere?

I found the ℄ symbol online and was able to add it to my computer’s keyboard but I can’t find the PL one as text anywhere online.

Thanks for your help!

I occasionally need a CL for a centerline. I’ve never use a font that include it so I just make my own. Remember that text in LO is coming from your system fonts so if the font doesn’t include it, you won’t have it.

Just create a text box with a P in it and another with the L and place them together as you want. I would then select both of them and group them.

Screenshot - 6_8_2020 , 1_47_43 PM

It’s a trivial thing to do but if you wanted to only do it once, you could create a scrapbook item from it.

Love it thanks!

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