Plants brighten up when enlarged

Follow my screen (sorry, is in Spanish).
In second 18, you should edit the component and select with 2 click and choose avoid faces selection or something similar.
When you select something you can choose to avoid from selection edges or faces. If you avoid faces your selection only contain edges.

Hello tuna1957,

You lost me with “Open the groups / components until you can do a left right selection of the leaf’s edges.” What do you mean by “open the groups/components”?

Shaded with Textures did NOT open my plant.

Peter Enns

Test.skp (1.5 MB)

I think he means open it for editing.

Peter we do our very best to show you explicitly how to do something and you still don’t get it.
Which is why I have suggested previously that a hands on, look over your shoulder, personal tutor would accelerate your learning process immeasurably.

Peter, what I meant by “open group or component” is you have to open them to be able to edit the geometry inside. I’m sure this has been mentioned by others. Sure wish you lived in my neighborhood. I’d have you over for some face to face lessons……

The reality of your many similar posts is you are not grasping the basics. Until you do so you will continue to flounder.

We are all desperate to help you, we would celebrate your triumphs. All the while helping you quietly without acknowledgment. We are only here to help.