Warehouse download problem

I’ve downloaded a tree from the Warehouse: Zelkova Serrata Tree.
In the download the borders of the two images that comprise the tree do not appear.
But when I load it into my model, the borders appear.
If I erase them, the image disappears.
If I try erase + ctrl, the borders don’t go hidden.
I think the issue is the creator used Earth Modeling style, which I don’t seem to have in SU Pro, and I’m concerned how the rest of my model may look if I can switch to Earth Modeling style.
Sans titre.skp (133.8 KB)

Never mind.
If I deselect ‘edges’ from my current style, the borders on the tree disappear, but the rest of my model looks terrible.

You have two components nested in a Group.
Open the group then open one of the components, double click to select it then shift click to deselect the face then right click on an edge and choose Hide.

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Thanks Box!
I like that tree!

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