Plants brighten up when enlarged


It you look at the image with 6 plants, it is sort of drab. The 3 plants have been enlarged. they are much more vibrant.

The model a client will see is often small. Is there any way to make a small plant as vibrant as an enlarged plant?

Peter Enns

You can also set the edge colour to a shade of grey or even hide them to lessen their impact

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How do I set the edge color to a shade of Grey?

Peter Enns

actually just change edge settings in your style… no need to select edges… this is a global setting, will affect all edges… some one may know how to change selected edges but I had a heavy night last night so are a bit brain dead and NBA is about to start – Go theOKC Thunder :slight_smile:

It’s because the lines are a constant(ish?) thickness regardless of the distance , so more green is covered up when they are far away

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Go to Window/Styles.

Select the Edit tab.

Select the Edges button (the leftmost one)

Either uncheck the Edges box (to turn off all edges in the model) or Color by material, and select a pale grey or green instead of the default black for the edges.

It may also help to turn off Profiles, which will apply a (usually thicker) edge to parts of the plants where they present a profile to the camera.

When posting a question like that you should give us a link to the specific plant in the warehouse. Depending on how it has been made it may be simple to edit it and hide the edges, therefore allowing you to have whatever edges you want in the rest of the model.
Be very selective when choosing warehouse models, some of them are badly made over bloated junk.
Download and open in a separate model space, check them and discard or clean them before moving them into your model.

For plant leaves and text objects it’s best to hide the edges. There are Extensions that do this automatically. Without them I usually:

  1. Edit individual components and use hide on the edges. Most plants consist of 3 components, so can make the fix in under a minute.
  2. If all leaves are just groups, then you can:
  • Explode all groups;
  • Select all and deselect faces;
  • Hide the edges

That might mess up the texture mapping on badly made objects, so would use extensions instead.

Thank you for the info. What is the name of a FREE extension for this purpose?

Peter Enns

Plant in 3D warehouse

Attached are the plant from 3D Warehouse I’m working with and also the Styles panel. I want to color by material. However, when I click on the tiny rectangle to the right of Color by Material, I do not get any choices of colors.

How do I find those choices?

Peter Enns

That rectangle means nothing if you choose “by material”
You should select the edge and choose an edge color in the entity info palette

Turn off profiles and hide edges. Should be similar on mac.
GIF 31-03-2024 12-36-17 AM


How do I select the edges?

Peter Enns

With the selection tool. The black arrow icon

Just as an aside, you can also play around with the “receive shadows” and “cast shadows” settings of the leafs to reduce your computational load of the model… I usually turn off “receive shadows” on the vegetration, particularly if I am doing large urban areas with thousands of trees.

The same way I showed already using wireframe to isolate the edges from the faces.
GIF 31-03-2024 10-28-14 AM

Does anyone know how these GIF instructions work on a Mac? When I right click & hide with my Mac, the entire picture disappears and cannot be recovered.

Peter Enns

Selecting Plant Leaves?
I tried selecting the plant and even the individual leaves with the Select tool. Nothing happened to change the appearance of the black edges.

What am I missing?

Peter Enns

Peter, first take a deep breath. I’m on an older Mac and older SU versions but I doubt this has change. Before you try to do anything to the model go to the SU toolbar upper left corner on Mac.

Go to View > Face Style > Wireframe. You will now just see the outer edge of your leaf. Open the groups / components until you can do a left right selection of the leaf’s edges. Right click and hide. Surprise everything disappeared. No worries.

Go back to the toolbar View > Face Style > Shaded with Textures. Your grass magically reappears. Hope you can follow my gif. I’m not as handy at making them as Box.

hide edges mac

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Peter, forget to mention all the leaves disappear in my gif because the model is made up of a bunch of instances of the same component.