Planes/Axes of Rotation are limited?

I am trying to rotate a shape (in the attached example it is a triangle) around one edge, say edge BC (i.e. using BC as the axis of rotation), and moving vertex A to make the rotation. However, the rotate tool snaps to either the blue axis or shape plane (black) axis so effectively limiting the rotation option to (in this case) the horizontal plane.

I have tried using the various key controls but I don’t seem to be able to cycle though the rotation planes. Is there a way of forcing SketchUp to offer other rotation planes?

(I was able to rotate the triangle to its current orientation because it was created on the horizontal plane from where I was able to rotate it around the red axis)Demonstration Model v1.skp (211.1 KB)

With Rotate Tool, click once and holding and dragging along the edge

Thanks - that works! I knew that there was a simple solution somewhere.

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I have a similar problem, I think, but my object needs to rotate in three directions.
Is the principle the same? I’m having trouble replicating the advice above. I want this part to lie flush on the surface… 250copy.skp (817.7 KB)

With Rotate tool

I’m all excited! Thanks for the little video! It helps alot. :grinning:

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