Plane Confusion

I created a window on the face of a dormer, made it into a component, and tried to move it onto the face of the first floor story which is on a different vertical plane. But the window component is stuck on the plane where I made it. I have tried using the shift key and arrow keys to try to get it to snap to another plane but it will not. Nor can I rotate it with the rotation tool. What am I doing wrong – it’s making me crazy!

Well , without the actual .skp file it is guessing… but you probably had something extras selected when you made the component. You can edit your component by double clicking on it. If you have set the rest of model to hide in Window->Model Info->Components., you will get a good look of what exactly you have made the component ,
You might wanna share your model here , to see what you are up against…
7th icon from left, 3MB max, if larger you can use 3D warehouse or dropbox, etc

Right click on the window component and select ‘Unglue’ in the context menu. You made a gluing component on a face.
Or get another window component instance picked from the component browser. It will glue to the other face on the first floor.
Or move/copy the first one to the face on the first floor.

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As @Wo3Dan Pointed out, it it probably glued to the surface. You can try tapping the modifier key to copy the component to a new location, then select and erase the previous.

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