Plan view plants and trees

I am trying to import some images to use in a plan view of model. I don’t seem to be able to import png files of plan view plants, only jpegs, which does not allow me to see only their outline. What ways are there of bringing in plan view images so that they can be positioned and put onto their own layer?

Maybe you have to choose file type before?

thanks for your reply. Yes, that worked. For some reason it wasn’t allowing me to select png before.

Is it possible to set an opacity for the imported image?

  1. If you will import PNG as texture, you can change opacity in material editor.
  2. If you are imported PNG as Image, you can explode this image, and you will get simple plane with this texture. And now You can also edit opacity in material editor.

Hi Roju

thanks. There are a couple of problems…

If I import as a texture I lose the shape of the image I have imported. I have to add it to other shapes which isn’t the effect I want

If I explode the image to a plane, the whole plane (rectangle) then casts a shadow, not just the image I want

is there a way round this?

There is a plugin by Tig at sketchucation that will remove the transparent pixels from a png so that it castes the correct shadow.

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