Placement on Origin

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted an advice on how to place a lamp on the origin.
It’s dynamic so that the length of the cables holding the lamp can be adjusted.

What is the best way to place it on the working file,
1)currently it is placed “upside down”, with the wires at the bottom and the lenght changes on the (+) of the Z axis…

  1. Or should the wires start at the intersection of the axis, and be hanging on the (negative) side of the Z axis as the length changes?

My gut feeling is the second option.

FYI, once it is placed as a component on a ceiling, it does place and glue correctly.

Thanks in advance.

Here is an image of how it is placed on the working file. (Option 1)

Did you make the DC yourself, or is it obtained from 3DWarehouse?
Could you share the file or DC so others can have a look?
In any case, it should not be upside down when on its own. that is confusing. Stretching the cables should be in upright position.

I was created from scratch and will be uploaded to 3D Warehouse once finished.

I agree with you about the confusing part, it should be upright, thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it.

Have a great day!

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I wonder if it is a “gluing” component so it would orient itself correctly when placed on a “ceiling” face like my test component here that is set to glue to “any”: