Pixel (Voxelize) orca

Does anyone knows if there is any plug in or program that can make something similar ?

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I helped write a voxelize plugin for SketchUp. It is posted over at SketchUcation.

It’s been a long time. I probably have not loaded it into anything later than SketchUp 2014.


Hi do you know how i do that ? Do you have any plug in in your mind ?
Thank you for your time !!!

I went looking for Dan’s plugin on Sketchucation. Found one by “dro” which I installed in SU2019 and tested. It works fine although I’m guessing Dan’s would be faster.

You have SketchUp Pro, it only remains to export the 3D model you want as an OBJ file.

In my previous post, the first thing is a link. Click on that link… it’s an online voxelizer.
Just click on the cyan button “open file” and upload your OBJ file.
Slide that grey rectangle and choose the number of voxels, then click on the other cyan button “save as obj”
Import that OBJ file in SketchUp and that’s it!

That is the one. I cleaned up his (Andrew?) work mostly and repackaged as a proper extension.

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