Picture to be traced is invisible

Hello all,

I’m trying to trace a 2D picture of a car drawing, turning it into a 3D model.
Following the tecnique that I saw on a youtube vid (I don’t know if I’m allowed to post the vid), I set up components to trace the original drawing over the 3 axis. So I have 3 instances of each component, an instance for each of the 2D views.

All is smooth in the vid. He set the view to x-ray and monochrome and is able to edit a component while at the same time keeping the drawing outside of the component visible. He’s using SU2018.

I’m trying with SU2021 and I set view on x-ray and monochrome as per the youtube vid. When I edit a component, the picture of the drawing become completely invisible (see attached screenshots). Incidentally, the picture of the drawing is contained in a component itself. But as you can see in the screenshots down here, even when I explode the picture component, the drawing is still totally invisible.

Can you please point me at what I’m doing wrong?

It would be easier to tell if you upload the .skp file but I’m going to guess that you imported the image and then exploded it. That makes the image a texture. Instead, don’t explode the imported image.

Here I’ve imported an image and left it as such. Style is set to Hidden Line and X-ray turned on. The image is still visible.

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Thanks @DaveR, that definitely did the trick!