Photoshop versions?


Hi there
im looking at purchase photoshop, and want to know what versions people are using for compositing images etc. i have been looking at the monthly plans and feel a little lost as far as what features to get.
i have never worked in photoshop before.


if Windows check the free and PhotoFiltre before, maybe sufficient… and don’t forget the cheap PS Elements consumer version.


Here are two free image editors that may be all you need.




sorry , yep im on a mac.




If you’re just beginning to learn Photoshop, I think Adobe released their old (old old old) version for free: Photoshop CS2. It has all the basic tools still and you can get a handle on things with it. I don’t know if it’s still available for download on their site, or if any other site still has it.


this version was mistakenly released by Adobe to the wild. Adobe has in the meanwhile clarified, that this version can be used legally by licensees only.

besides this, this ol’ version is very likely not to work in connection w/ recent operating systems.

why not just buy the cheap PS Elements version, does probably fulfill 98% of the requirements a non-pro does have.


I think that Adobe today only sells Photoshop as a subscription with a monthly fee. PS Elements and Lightroom are still available as a standalone app.



I’ve been using this for many years…
it’s shareware, pay when you realise how worth supporting it really is…

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A classic! I used it a lot when I had a Mac - might have been already in the 1980s.



mainly a viewer/converter and not for compositing/editing images.