Free image editor in Mac which is good for changing colours in a texture

I’m trying to edit the colours in a texture on a Mac, can anyone recommend a good free app/tool which does this please? I’m trying to change the tones on a leaf pattern, if that makes any difference? I’ve used the free Pixelmator Classic in the past, but that’s no longer available :frowning:

I use this:

its like a photoshop, but free and you can use it on browser


preview can do a bit.

simply open your image with the basic preview software, menu “tools” then here you can adjust color.

to go further, you’ll need an actual software.

looks like photoshop, in browser, nothing to install. it does the trick.
import your image, then in the menus, image / settings / all the adjustments you want.

edit : Katilina beat me to it.

I don’t know about MacOS, can you set the photo editor setting in SketchUp to point to an online editor, or does it have to be a locally installed app?
GIMP is still very powerful, if not the easiest to use.

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locally installed. if nothing is set, it’ll open preview, the default image tool that technically can change colours a bit. it’s more correcting than changing, but at times it’ll do the trick

Thanks for the advice folks. It needs to be a locally installed app rather than an online tool. I use Sketchbook for other image manipulation, but it doesn’t do rgb levels.

Interested to hear what you end up going with.

Gimp and Krita are very good ones, I use Gimp.